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Wedding venue profiles including the best wedding reception spots, city and ocean locations, and county and outdoor spots.

We know that finding the perfect Australian wedding venue can be a challenge, so we at made your work easier by profiling the best wedding venue locations throughout the country. From waterfront venues to country gardens, our list includes only the most magical wedding venue locations in Australia.

Our talented Australian wedding blog staff profiled the best locations in Australia. From a list of all wedding and wedding reception locations, we selected a small number of venues based on categories such as quality of location, ambiance, and service. We visited each site, spoke with management, took photographs, and produced a profile. Our venues range from outdoor locations to city spots – and each of them would make your wedding truly wonderful.

Each wedding venue we selected has a full profile that tells you why we selected that location and practical information for holding your wedding or wedding reception there. The profiles start with the name and location, and then continue with contact information and how to reach the venue. The next part of the profile tells you what we loved about the location and any downfalls it might have. Finally, we conclude with practical information for how to book your wedding there and reception or theme ideas that go well with the location. We also included a number of photographs of our experiences there, and photographs from real weddings held at that location.


Our profiles are sorted by different categories of location. From this page, you can explore all the different sections of Australian wedding venue locations.  Each different style of location has its own personality, so use our profiles to find a location style that matches your wedding. Once you choose a location from our profiles, check out the wedding theme and wedding advice we give in the other sections of our wedding blog.

Our outdoor wedding section profiles unique outdoor wedding venues including locations in the forests, campsites, mountains, and more. For waterfront properties, see our waterfront venues section. These outdoor locations showcase the natural beauty of our country and add an organic touch to each wedding.

The waterfront venues section has the best beach and waterfront locations. With these locations, your wedding could happen on a beautiful Australian coast on a sunshine filled day. Experience the free flowing beauty of a waterfront wedding.

We also separate our venues by city, including Sydney, Gold Coast, and Melbourne, if you are looking for a venue in a set city. These locations include traditional and unique venues in the city where you can host a wedding or wedding reception.

Finally, look at our country and garden section for relaxed country locations throughout Australia. These country and or local garden wedding venues create a relaxed feeling for your special day. In our range of options, you’ll find beautiful locations year-round.


To ensure that you have the wedding you truly want, we also provide practical advice for how to select a wedding venue location, what questions to ask management, how to create invitations, and more. These free resources will make your Australian wedding venue search easier.

What was your experience with any of our profiled locations? Where did you hold your wedding? Let us know in the comments section below. Plus, if you send us pictures of any of our wedding venues, we might post them on our blog.