Upcoming Bridal Expos

Bridal Expositions – Australia’s Best Expos

Our advice for how to maximize your wedding expo experience throughout Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane.


Wedding expositions are a fantastic way to do your wedding research in one place. Visit vendors from all cateogies of wedding planning, like food service, clothing and dresses, etc. However, a bridal expo can be very overwhelming. We help you navigate upcoming Australian bridal expos. We give you advice on which bridal expositions to attend, how to find the resources you need, and specials to take advantage of.

Like with our wedding venue locations, this section includes profiles of a number of bridal expositions in our area. The profiles include the name of the location, contact information. Our wedding staff have travelled to the wedding expositions and profiled their quality and service. The bridal expositions we choose to profile are only the best – those with the most helpful information, best services, and good contacts.

The bridal expos take place all over Australia, including cities like Melbourne. Brisbane, Sydney and Perth. No matter which wedding expo you choose, we want to make sure you have tbe best experience possible at the exposition.


Here’s our basic wedding exposition advice.

  1. Bring a tote bag for all of the extra goodies you are sure to receive at the expo.
  2. Plan which vendors you need to take with. If you spend your time talking to every vendor, you might now make it through the expo, and you will probably end up with a lot of junk.
  3. Create labels with your name, phone number, and wedding date. Then you can use those labels instead of re-writing that information all day.
  4. Be conscious of free gifts. Although we all love free things, be conscious of whether you will actually use the free gift or not. Consider that you will have to carry or tote that gift around for the rest of the day. Make sure that you actually want and/or will use the gifts before you add weight to your already heavy bag.
  5. Bring interested parties with you. Whether that’s your significant other or a best friend, bring someone who will support you. You can rely on these people for a second opinion.