A good wedding venue is a vital part of planning your wedding. A well-chosen wedding venue creates a tone for the event, reflecting the flavor you choose. The venue adds to the ambiance and style of your wedding. Practically, it determines the logistics of your wedding and the ease of your planning. But finding a wedding venue can be a stressful part of your planning. It includes long hours on the phone or scanning websites, looking at pictures, touring sites, and sometimes, just hoping that your location will work out.

At Eyensbury Weddings, we believe that finding your ideal wedding location should be easy.

And that’s why we are here. Our Australian wedding blog includes profiles of the best wedding venues throughout the country. Our experienced team filtered through all Australian wedding locations and selected a small number of the best venues. We visited each site, spoke with management, and profiled the location. Our staff’s discerning eye will help you to find your ideal wedding venue.

Our staff has added their most valued advice and wedding inspiration to our wedding blog. We help with practical advice for wedding themes, invitations, logistics, and, of course, locations.


Only the most magical of Australian wedding venues make our list. From beautiful seaside locations to trendy urban spots, romantic indoor venues to stunning outdoor places, we know the best venues for your wedding. Our profiles of Australian wedding venues are thorough and elite. Plus, each profile includes not only a location section, but also information for planning and coordinating with that location, and how to best handle the logistics of our profiled locations.

Each venue included here at Eynesbury Weddings is hand-picked by our talented staff. We look for special venues that stand out for their high quality location, ambiance, and service. Each venue on our site has a full profile that tells you what we love about it and practical information for booking your wedding at that site. Plus, each entry includes photographs of the location, many of them from real weddings held there.

Each of our thorough wedding location profiles in our wedding blog gives you the best information.


We also take our discerning eye to wedding expos. Much like finding a location, understanding wedding expos can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. We take the stress out of that process. Our wedding expo section tells you which Australian wedding expos to attend and what to expect. We give you advice for how to effectively attend a wedding expo and what to look for while you’re there. Plus, we profile the expositions with the same care that we apply to our wedding location profiles, so each receives a thorough investigation and report.


Once you’ve found the perfect location, visit our wedding blog to get inspired for the rest of your special day. Our wedding blog has ideas and photos from real people. You can see photographs from weddings held at our selected venues, or find inspiration on other aspects of wedding planning. We have wedding advice on the whole process from wedding invitation to thank you cards. You will find wedding theme inspiration with photographs from real weddings, and practical advice that has gone through our high quality testing. Our wedding blog helps you to make all aspects of your wedding truly magical.

As the premier wedding blog in Australia, we are proud to help you find the most magical wedding location. We are always open to questions and requests for more information, so please contact us with questions or suggestions. Have you held a wedding at any of our profiled locations? Send us your photographs or stories.